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The Falling of Perseids

Posted on 2007.08.13 at 11:24
Current Music: Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek"
For those who missed out this past weekend of the Meteor Shower.....well to be quite frank....you fuckin missed out. I have never ever seen such a clusterfuck of stars all close together. I caught glimpse of at least ten falling stars.....then my neck started to hurt. I should've just laid out on the roof, but it was a friend's house and i didnt want to intrude.

Im addicted to the Dear Sister Parodys. They're Hilarious!....sometimes somewhat depressing though. I felt like dying when i watched it on OC. Then i laughed my ass off seeing it done by SNL.

My weekend ended up being two complete unforgetful nights. Drunktards acting crazy. Hanging out with old friends was an awesome. Alfy and Tom more importantly. Happy Burfday again to both dudes Jared and Eli.

"Fuck it....Cut em Up"

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