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The Holiday

Posted on 2006.12.11 at 18:26
Current Music: Steven Speaks "Song for a Dancer"
So Im quite aware its coming realll soon and Im not as excited as I want to be.
I mean cmon! its Christmas!
Giving gifts to those who you care for, lights, carols, sometimes snow(Which Ive been praying for. I love the snow.),Warm dinners, new years kisses,mistletoes, Ice skating.
But after seeing The Holiday movie it made me see things from a whole different Perspective. being alone on holidays....and it really sucks.
Ugh when i think about (love) you picture the 2 people that argue constantly and have makeup sex and the ones that are almost twins. The ones that love are evenly exchanged. you always ALWAYS hear of them.
But you never hear of the Onesided love. we're the Cursed ones of love, thee walking wounded, the black sheep of the family.
I have loved a woman in California for far too long. When she sends a message, when she calls .....still....i fuckin answer!
i dunno i always picture when someone cheats, you dont remain friends after a relationship ended....and the pendulum swings back to the center because love is blind. Because i loved someone so much i couldnt just have them completely out of my life. I have got to find some strength to cut some ties.

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