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Posted on 2006.11.27 at 11:14
Current Music: Damien Rice "The Blower's Daughter"
My weekend has been a little overwhelming. It was amazing then again it had its share of drama.
Friday night my friends and I decided to have a Friend's Thanksgiving dinner. Only thing was, half the people i just met and the others were friends or part of diego's family. There was about 25 people there and it took us all day to cook. I met a guy Lu whom Kevin and I spoke with most of the night, let me say this. He had an amazing Personality. We spoke almost anything and everything. Dysfunctional family, Politics,Women,War,Men,Life,experiences,Love,Work,Professions, and goals. Him and I had a related goal Him wanting to be a Boxer or an MMA fighter(mixed martial arts) and I a K-1 fighter(Kickboxing rules but with involving MMA styles).
When Diego's Family arrived, We basically put on a show. I played Guitar, Diego Read poetry, and Christina did her belly dancing. Then me and this little kid had a break dance off. He got served...yeah i whooped him.
After they had left, every1 had drank...except for me. I had about two drinks. I was just enjoying the jokes and good times sober.
Saturday Night came about and I hung out with a old friend in town. This kid Robert whos in the Marines. He was back for Thanksgiving. We turned up at Maribelle's friend's place. This tall filipino heavy metal lovin fella. It was some guy's bday. He was a real gentleman. Most of the people were. I Drank a good amount and joked with Robert and the girls. I ended up in a situation speakin to 2 gals who were friends of maribelle's. Basically it involved some girl giving up her virginity to some guy that she had been dating for 7 months. He was a good guy up till afterwards. He proclaimed to be a virgin as well. 3 weeks had passed and not one call from the guy....now ...I dont know how it sounds to others but when a guy argues with a girl right after sex, sends a text saying i didnt like it...im sorry....and never calls within 3 and a half weeks, then decides to call, Id say those are all red flags and this relationship is doomed. Eventually one of the girls fed up decided to walk away....i feeling bad enough figuring out it was her the entire situation was potrayed as "this girl", i spoke about my last entry. It made her feel better.
Oh a swallowed a 9 mm bullet that night.....yeah thats gonna hurt comin out....
Ok this is something i need a little advice about...the girl who invited me is upset now after we had been in the restroom for awhile. She was being mean.....outrageously mean
she ended up leaving without a word with the two girls. this is something i wrote about it earlier yesterday.

The fact that Im upset a little better yet irritated with someone who is being dismissive and irrational at one time because of stupidity,misconstruing a situation and your own friggin envy.
What I dislike even more is the fact that that person can leave impolitely and make me out to look like a jerk.....I dont like being put in that position, I dont appreciate it.....What a night...
And if the person ask if Im mad, there are 2 ways to answer the question.....one being right and one being wrong
No im not mad without sarcasm and
No im not mad with sarcasm........which of course i said...what?im stupid hello?im a guy.
and then all of a sudden the guy becomes more the jerk and i dont know what to do! Now before this can escalate to worse Ill have to give up pride and say im sorry and probably have to do something and pay for it and then nobodys mad yayyyy!
But secretly.....Ill still be mad

the subtle humor towards the end....i know it wasnt that funny but anyway......Now, she caught wind of this message and apologized....who concedes the point so quickly? Someone who deeply cares about her friendship with me?Or is it something else?Is something else bothering her that I dont know about?How do i approach this situation again after we both said we were cool?

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