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You Keep Twisting the truth

Posted on 2006.11.09 at 08:50
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Death Cab for Cutie "405"
Everybody in this house is dealing with something emotional. It's kind of depressing. My sister is stressed with school and the fact she's gonna test this month. She isnt ready...at least I think not. I keep trying to get her ass there but I can't. Kevin and his gf, they're an amazing couple and I thoroughly hope their relationship isnt doomed. But teeny weeny little problems always happen and that leaves room to question them. The other night my little sister told my father that ma(my little sister's mother) had a bf. He laughed ...most of the way home. Then today he was absolutely quiet. He didnt have to sugarcoat it. It was obvious and I knew it would hurt him. It damn near pisses me off.Lolo seems the only sane one and hes been dealt with alot of pain.

"What do you want for Christmas?"

".....World Peace."

"Something i can afford, much less grant."

"oh....a Harmonica...that brings world peace"

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