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The Big Shot

Posted on 2007.08.24 at 00:02
Current Music: Jesper Kyd - Ave Maria
Today was eventful however unaccomplished. I tried to enroll for school today but that fell through. I showed up 20 minutes before enrollment was over and they said come back tommorow which drove me up the wall. There are so many streets named Brooke and ironically enough, the one i mapquest, is the incorrect one. ugh.....
I met up with my buddies the gals Maribelle, Rachel, and Sarah. We all took off to the Stratosphere to hit up the ride "The big shot". I rode it once.....its worth it i suppose.....i love heights because im frightened to death of them. But in the pics you'd think otherwise...i was smiling and cool, calm, and collective. Funny.....do you ever get that bad vibe like someone is upset the entire time? Well I felt that from my friend .....the way she shot off like she was a little smarter than us. I happen to know she is a very smart girl but she isnt the type to flaunt or attempt to falter ours. It was kind of a dissappointment. Knowing how I am, I like to bust anyones balls who likes to make me feel like an idiot. I did make a pretty sucky move though. We locked the keys in the car and spent about and hour and a half trying to get it out.funn....bleh good times=)

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