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Red Rising Sun

Posted on 2007.08.20 at 07:21
Current Music: Brand Nizzle fo shizzle - Me vs. Maradonna vs. Elvis
I saw an awesome Sunrise dismorning. Zoh my god i couldnt find my camera for it either...booo.....it'll turn up eventually. But yeah i digress. The sun was glowin red/orangish through my window. I was like....what the fff....then i look outside and wow...there it is...the moment of truth...a beautiful sunrise....one i hadn't seen in forever and the day i do see it, it was amazing.

So I'm basically up early for an interview due to happen around 1030 however.....its no where near 1030. Its 730. I couldn't sleep therefore I'm sittin here on my ass explaining myself to you .....sometimes i think you're the only one that understands me....haha that was a joke... no on a surrious note(im quite aware i spelt serious wrong thank you=) ) I think my own father understands me a little more than i do myself ...sometimes. I walk in and he's like "Crazy Dream?"....and I'm like "...uh....yeah...". I had a dream where we were battling these people outside our city castle. Myself and the actor Ben Foster (From that old Disney show i forget...Flashback i believe? He was also in Hostage,annnd the dude from X3 angel and dude in Alpha Dog...fuck i loved that movie....and in 2 movies Im dying to see. 3:10 to Yuma and 30 Days of Night) were archers and he got shot in the hand and the back....so i went and saved him....by tackling his ass off the wall. The archer was good. I said something along the lines like "my father warned me of this archer....and this day has come" All of a sudden he comes launching over the wall 100 ft. in the air like some ninja...i saw his shadow along the midst of the darkness. Ironically enough Gerrard Butler...the main dude from 300 was there and was some spear regiment leader. We also had a Female Wizard and a Dragon-God....yeah i know im blowing your mind....like what the fuck is this guy talking about. I dunno but I have adventurous dreams and I thought i should share that with you.

So um wish me luck I have an interview at Texas Station. Hopefully i enroll in school today. School and work. I needed both for awhile.

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